The Story / The Insite

Hatchway Technical Service LLC, established in 2004 based in Dubai with branches in Qatar and India. We are providing services all over UAE, GCC, Asia and Europe as one of the best skilled and reliable exhibition service contractor, project and event management.

Our company mainly undertakes exhibition stand designing, manufacturing and construction, modular stand from system of all kind of exhibitions. All stand construction works take place at our in-house facility with a workforce of over 50 professionals & technicians.

Because We Are

Good Designers

Very Punctual

Very Friendly

Our Way, Our Style


Conventional designs go through creative drill with us. We do not stand clichés and we are here to break all the conventions in the industry. We are here to make legacy, make a style statement.


For all the good reasons, we are trustworthy! We never waver and that is what’s been standing us in good stead all these while!

Time is everything

A job done well is good. But a job done well, delivered in the right time is awesome! And we are not awesome, we are just phenomenal. We do it the right way, at the right time!